This service is provided by the Iowa Department of Transportation.
For more information, or to obtain access to the data provided by this service, please email
Document Type Document Link Document Schema
FEU-t data/feu-t.xml schemas/FEU-t.xsd
FEU-g data/feu-g.xml schemas/FEU-g.xsd
FEU-m data/feu-m.xml schemas/FEU-m.xsd
FEU-t (indexed) data/feu-t/index schemas/FEU-index.xsd
FEU-g (indexed) data/feu-g/index schemas/FEU-index.xsd
FEU-i (indexed) data/feu-i/index schemas/FEU-index.xsd
FEU-m (indexed) data/feu-m/index schemas/FEU-index.xsd
CCTV data/cctv.xml schemas/CCTV.xsd
Traffic Inventory data/traffic/inventory.xml schemas/Traffic.xsd
Traffic Data data/traffic/data.xml schemas/Traffic.xsd